Surfing Paradise

After a long time spent in the Cuzco/Inca region, we finally made it to the Peruvian coast.

First surfing spot: Cerro Azul, a small village located in the South of Lima were we tasted for the first time the long lefthand Peruvian waves. After 4 days of intense surfing we took a break and went up to the Cordillera blanca to have a bit of a rest in the beautiful snowy mountains. After a short stay surrounded by beautiful 6000m+ snowy peaks, we went towards the north coast via the crazy Canyon del Pato road. Unpaved and with more than 30 single track, unlit, hand made tunnels on it, it was a pretty sketchy. After an 8 hour journey for just 200 km we got to amazing Chicama, a small fisherman’s village on the coast known by having the longest perfect lefthand wave in the world! We found of our favourite parking spaces so far, under a tree, on a cliff overlooking the break. We also met 2 other couples travelling in vans and had a great time with them. Greg and Kathy were driving the best van we have seen so far on the trip, a VW T3 4×4 camper with a Subaru diesel engine conversion (Greg is a mechanic). We didn’t manage to surf for 4 kms, but definitely caught the longest waves of our lives!

Next Lobitos, another incredible surf spot recommended by good friends. Here we parked at Los Muelles Surf Camp, a derelict ex military building painted in rasta colours, that people are camping inside. Super chilled, great waves and some good winds for some solo kite sessions.

Now we have just crossed into Ecuador and the change is incredible. Much, much greener and cleaner than Peru’s dry, dirty deserts!


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